Student Resources

AHVMA Membership

FREE for students

Benefits: AHVMA Affiliation, access to scientific journals, access to the natural medicines database, conference discounts, and more!

College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies

The College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies (CIVT) offers free memberships to students up to a year post graduation.

Benefits include: Free webinars, discounts on all CIVT webinars and events, Journal access etc. Join the Veterinary Student Club. This global forum is available to all veterinary students for free. Experienced integrative veterinarian, Dr. Cynthia Lankenau is available on the mentoring forum if you have questions about cases.

Under “resources” you will find FREE WEBINARS – some are the same as the free member webinars, but over time CIVT will be offering additional webinars which are FREE only to veterinary students.

*Contact veterinarians from the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies or your local holistic veterinarians for possible opportunities!

Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association

Interested in herbs? Consider joining the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association! VBMA offers a free membership to students.

Benefits include: List serve for daily consultation and education, Discounts on continuing education, Our Online Journal for Practitioners, Professional certification for notable educational or career achievements, Access to our Herbal Wiki Use of our Classifieds section for job posting or job seeking, Calendar for viewing and promoting events, Resources page with links to publications, websites and videos suggested by VBMA members. is a database of case reports using integrative therapies. Check it out for a particular treatment modality or illness. These cases were added by veterinarians and are real patients.

Please visit the AHVMA Member Directory for a comprehensive list of holistic veterinarians in your area!