Meet our 2017-2018 National Board




Past President:Erica Ancier, Western University

Erica is interested in working in equine orthopedic medicine and utilizing holistic therapies in her practice. During her volunteer experience, she was introduced to many alternative treatment options such as acupuncture, massage, PEM, PRP, IRAP, and laser therapy. This opened her eyes to the promising applications of a holistic approach to equine medicine. She has been practicing and teaching yoga, focusing on nutrition, and have used acupuncture and laser on her own body, so she has personally experienced the amazing benefits holistic medicine has to offer. Erica wants to continue learning about the emerging modalities of holistic veterinary medicine so that she can offer these treatments to my patients. Erica plans to study acupuncture at the Chi Institute and would love the opportunity to network with professionals and other veterinary students who share similar visions for the future of veterinary medicine.

President: Dianicia Kirton, Tuskegee 

Dianicia is a 4th year veterinary student at Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine (TUCVM). She is a native New Yorker who completed her Bachelor’s of Science in Laboratory Animal Science at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. After delving into holistic modalities to treat her own ailments, she became very interested in the veterinary side of holistic medicine. Dianicia founded the Holistic Veterinary Medicine Club at TUCVM and has since been dedicated to bringing knowledge of holistic veterinary medicine to both students and faculty. She is grateful to have worked with several holistic veterinarians and have learned about various methods of acupuncture, homeopathy, ozone therapy, micro-biome restorative therapy, herbal medicine, food therapy, and much more. Dianicia is currently enrolled in the Small Animal Acupuncture course at the Chi Institute, and plans to continue on to become a Certified Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Practitioner. She is also very interested in medicinal marijuana, chiropractic work, and nutritional response testing. She plans to be a lifetime member of the AHVMA.

President Elect: Jacquie Cobb, Auburn
Born & raised in the western Chicago suburbs, Jacquie is a second-career veterinary student with a passion for integrating traditional and holistic therapies. Nutrition and behavior are two of her biggest passions, but she is also deeply interested in chiropractic care, massage, and acupuncture. She believes that a focus on overall wellness, rather than sickness, is the future of veterinary medicine. She currently serves as the President of Second City Canine Rescue, a 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue that she co-founded in 2011. She is so excited to make a difference in the lives of many, many more animals through her work as a veterinarian.
Vice President: Carly Hubbard, Auburn

Carly is from Louisville, KY and is interested in small animal veterinary medicine. She believes in the benefits of holistic medicine in the veterinary profession, and is excited to incorporate it into everyday practice. She currently serves as the Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine SCAVMA President. She looks forward to working with an amazing group of colleagues to represent the future of holistic veterinary medicine.

Secretary: Yarytza Rivera, Tuskegee University

Yarytza graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biology from Prairie View A&M University. She is a current 4th year veterinary student at Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine (TUCVM). She has experienced holistic medicine through her culture and wants to incorporate it with her patients and be able to teach the benefits of different alternative modalities. She is interested in acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine, aromatherapy and stem cell therapy for both small and large animals. Yarytza plans on becoming certified in acupuncture from Chi Institute in Fall 2017.

Treasurer: Karyn Lupoe, Tuskegee

Karyn is a 3rd year student at Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine. She is from Tempe, Arizona and attended Tuskegee University for undergrad majoring in animal science with a minor in nutritional science. She is excited to learn more about the other forms of holistic medicine. Her interests are in nutritional therapy, NRT testing, dietary supplements, diet formulation and more.

Chapter Liasion: Keely-Nicole Wharton, North Carolina State University

Keely-Nicole is a 3rd year veterinary student at North Carolina State University. After various experiences with veterinary acupuncture prior to entering vet school, she decided to enroll in the Chi Institute’s veterinary acupuncture program. She is also interested in Chinese herbal medicine and animal nutrition.

Conference Liaison: Elisabeth Fox, St. George University

Elisabeth is a veterinary student at St. George’s University in Grenada, West Indies. Prior to veterinary school, she worked part-time at a holistic and integrative medicine clinic as a veterinary technician and had the opportunity to watch how holistic medicine can truly help patients when they were not responding to other forms of western medical management. Currently on winter and summer breaks, Elisabeth works at an orthopedic and sports medicine hospital where they incorporate a tremendous amount of regenerative medicine, rehab, and acupuncture for their patients. Because of these experiences, she hopes to become certified in both acupuncture and canine rehab while integrating both eastern and western medicine into her treatment plans for patients. Her current interests include sports medicine and rehab, orthopedic surgery, and pain management.

Webmaster: Carrie Kurtz, Ross University

Carrie is a 5th semester student at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Originally from Washington State, she spent several years in Louisiana before moving to St. Kitts for her DVM. Her experience with alternative medicine stems from personal human experience, and due to its positive results wants to learn how to incorporate it in veterinary medicine with traditional western medicine approaches. She has a high interest in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and chiropractic and a desire to learn about other alternative therapies. Plans to earn her acupuncture and laser therapy certifications shortly after completing the DVM program.